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[01-02, 2001] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 52, 01-02 (2001) 30-35


Stefan Paszek

   PSS - parameter determination methods, have been presented. A method has been chosen based on the power system mathematical model for cases of small and large disturbances. In this method the PSS time constants have been determined for the case of small disturbances basing on the distinguished electromagnetic torque component of the synchronous generator influenced by the voltage regulator. The PSS gains have been calculated by minimisation of the deviations of active power, angular speed and voltage of the generator at different large disturbances and at different load conditions in the system. A generalised weighted quality factor resulting from the regulating courses of deviations at large disturbances in the power system has been introduced for that reason. The optimal PSS gains have been evaluated from the minimisation of a generalised quality factor by application of the Hooke-Jeeves method.

Keywords: power system, PSS, PSS parameters


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