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The Journal of Electrical Engineering is an open access e-journal, freely available on the web sites

The scope of the journal covers all fields of electrical engineering such as:

  • Automation and Control
  • Computer Engineering
  • Signal Processing and Telecommunications
  • Electronics, Microelectronics and Photonics
  • Electro-Physics and Electromagnetism
  • Materials Science
  • Measurement and Metrology
  • Power Engineering and Energy Conversion

The journal prefers original research papers or short notes, brief communications. Review articles are accepted only exceptionally, their authors should consult the editors in advance.

The manuscript should be submitted as a neatly prepared *.pdf document with figures embedded in the text. The manuscript must be in English. The manuscript should be submitted solely to Journal GATE as an e-mail attachment. No hard copies of the manuscript are required.

To speed up the review process, it is recommended to propose up to four referees. They should not be of the same affiliation as the authors. Please send the names and email addresses of potential referees in a separate file, not in the manuscript itself. At least two favourable reviews are required for a paper to be accepted.

Typesetting of accepted manuscripts will be done by the editorial staff. Along with acceptance otification, the authors will receive detailed instruction how to pre-process the manuscripts. Most important formal requirements include the vector format of figures (*.wmf, *.emf, *.cdr, *.opj or even *.xls) and the IEEE style of references.

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