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[05-06, 2001] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 52, 05-06 (2001) 139-144


Dmitry V. Vassiliev - Dmitry E. Valitov

   In connection with developing autonomous automatic control systems of vehicles the requirements upon the accuracy of movement parameters measurement are risen. Mechanical devices for indirect measurement, converting the measured rate of wheel rotation into the estimation of the linear velocity and other motion parameters, often work with great errors. It explain the interest to develop new nonmechanical direct measuring speedometers. One of them is the adaptive correlation velocimeter (ACVM), tracking with great accuracy the transport delay between signals from two optical-electronic sensors, allocated along the velocity vector and aimed on the illuminated road surface. By mathematical modeling of the ACVM signal processing unit, simulation of the surface and laws of sensor moving above it, the influence of undesired mechanical disturbances and receiving channels nonidentity on the accuracy of measurements was investigated. It was also established that the use of an anisotropic spatial input signal filtration allows to increase the accuracy of measurements.

Keywords: velocimetry, adaptive correlation meter, ACVM, anisotropic sensor aperture


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