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[05-06, 1997] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 48, 05-06 (1997) 140-143


Ján Janík

   This article was written for the beam line design at the Cyclotron Laboratory (CyLab) at SMU Bratislava. The beam parameters [1] are: proton energy W=72 MeV, beam emittance better than 40p mmrad, proton beam current up to 100 mA. The net total length of the beam lines will be some tens of meters. The FODO structure consists only of focusing and defocusing segments. The transfer matrix describing the beam transport is derived for an ion beam with planar symmetry. Computations for three different beam emittances (10p mmrad, 20p mmrad,40p mmrad) were done and come economical estimates are given.

Keywords: FODO lattice, transfer lines, Courant and Snyder parameters, ion beams, ion beam optics, emittance


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