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[05-06, 1999] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 50, 05-06 (1999)


Július Bajcsy

   This paper presents new approaches to the treatment of pegagogical measurement results. Objective estimation of how much knowledge a student acquired within a course is a very difficult process and one cannot eliminate a set of noise factors in this process. The noise factors need to be corrected, especially systematic influences, which can negatively influence the exam results of students. Classification of these factors shows the similarity between the evaluation method of knowledge during an exam and methods used during evaluation of metrological measurements - both evaluation methods use the same statistical methods. The metrological approaches can be applied to the evaluation of pedagogical examinations. These aproaches present a new view and results in the evaluation of the process of exams.

Keywords: measurement, pedagogical measurement, metrological measurement, uncertainty of measurement


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