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[09-10, 2001] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 52, 09-10 (2001) 311-315


Radoslav Kostelník - Peter Lacko - Michal Perďoch - Timotej Török - Juraj Ziegler - Mária Bieliková - Tibor Krajčovič

   In health-care, it is very important to have simultaneous access to different data on the patient, such as his/her case history, medical history or undergone surgeries. The data are usually stored in the hospital information system. This paper describes the design of a system called BlueMedica which provides the mobile access to data stored in the hospital information system. It is connected to an existing hospital information system by means of a translation server. A mobile device called TabletPC enables visualization and modification of the data by the user. A part of the system is a device for patients --- a wristlet designed for measuring body conditions. The acquired data can be transferred wirelessly into the information system. The Bluetooth technology provides the mobility of the data connection. As information on patients includes very sensitive personal data, we discuss information security issues as well.

Keywords: wireless data transfer, Bluetooth, access point, translation server, security


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