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[09-10, 1998] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 49, 09-10 (1998) 240-247


Dana Papajová - Helmut Sitter - Marián Veselý - Štefan Németh

   We present the simulations of Molecular Beam Epitaxial (MBE) growth using the Temperature Activated - Rate Equation (TA-RE) model. The result of the model is the size distribution of two-dimensional islands and surface atoms in single growing layers, that is used to calculate the time dependent whole coverage of each growing monolayer. Within the present approach the MBE growth mode is evaluated by a calculation of the Reflection-High-Energy-Electron-Diffraction (RHEED) intensity together with calculation of the interface width which determines the roughness of the growing surface.
       The TA-RE model has been used to study influence of the layer stages (eg nucleation, formation of larger islands, their coalescence and creation of a coherent layer) on the MBE growth. We have found out that the nucleation is an important layer stage in order to obtain layer-by-layer growth.

Keywords: MBE, epitaxial growth, simulation of epitaxial growth, crystal growth, surface roughness, RHEED


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