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[09-10, 1999] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 50, 09-10 (1999)


Jana Parízková - Valéria Šimáková

   This paper describes a new view of the creation of a hypertext application. Hypertext and database systems store information in various forms and they process this information in different manners. Hypertext is thought as a huge text properly prepared for accessing in a specific network. A model of a hypertext system consists of three parts: user interface, hypertext abstract machine and database. The database system is constituted of the database and the data management system. From the point of view of design and application, the combination of the mentioned systems into an integrated information system is interesting. For this purpose it needs to assign some data in hypertext to transfer into the database that is under the control of the database management system. The database management system has to have defined a feedback to the hypertext abstract machine and a user interface in order to project the results of database operations back to the hypertext system.

Keywords: hypertext, database system


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