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[11-12, 2001] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 52, 11-12 (2001) 352-361


Rastislav Lukáč - Stanislav Marchevský

   In environments corrupted by impulse noise a problem of desired signal features preservation with simultaneous removing of noise elements is an adequate motivation for looking for systems where the desired features would be invariant to the filtering operation and only noise would be affected. The connection of an impulse detector with some filter, eg most frequently a well- known median, is creeping to the mentioned optimum situation. In the case of multivariate or vector valued signals such as colour images the problem is extended to the next dimension. For these signal, where correlation of colour channels is included, vector methods such as vector medians are successfully used. Even thought we show that excellent improvement and reduction of colour distortion can be obtained by componentwise filtering by an impulse detector with a well-known standard median filter. Similar results can be obtained by the vector median connected with an impulse detector, too.

Keywords: colour images, vector median, impulse detector, median, impulse noise


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