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[1, 2016] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 67, 1 (2016) 3-11 DOI: 10.1515/jee-2016-0001


Dragana SandiŠ-StankoviŠ – Dragan Kukolj – Patrick Le Callet

   The Depth-Image-Based-Rendering (DIBR) algorithms used for 3D video applications introduce geometric distortions affecting the edge coherency in the synthesized images. In order to better deal with specific geometric distortions in the DIBR synthesized images, we propose full-reference metric based on multi-scale pyramid decompositions using morphological filters. The non-linear morphological filters used in multi-scale image decompositions maintain important geometric information such as edges across different resolution levels. We show that PSNR has particularly good agreement with human judgment when it is calculated between detailed images at higher scales of morphological pyramids. Consequently, we propose reduced morphological pyramid peak signal-to-noise ratio metric (MP-PSNR), taking into account only mean squared errors between pyramids' images at higher scales. Proposed computationally efficient metric achieves significantly higher correlation with human judgment compared to the state-of-the-art image quality assessment metrics and compared to the tested metric dedicated to synthesis-related artifacts.

Keywords: morphological pyramid, multiscale PSNR, DIBR image quality assessment


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