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[1, 2018] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 69, 1 (2018) 24-31 DOI: 10.1515/jee-2017-0003

Scanning electron microscope fine tuning using four-bar piezoelectric actuated mechanism

Khaled S. Hatamleh – Qais Khasawneh – Adnan Al-Ghasem – Mohammad A. Jaradat
– Laith Sawaqed – Mohammad Al-Shabi

   Scanning Electron Microscopes are extensively used for accurate micro/nano images exploring. Several strategies have been proposed to fine tune those microscopes in the past few years. This work presents a new fine tuning strategy of a scanning electron microscope sample table using four bar piezoelectric actuated mechanisms. The introduced paper presents an algorithm to find all possible inverse kinematics solutions of the proposed mechanism. In addition, another algorithm is presented to search for the optimal inverse kinematic solution. Both algorithms are used simultaneously by means of a simulation study to fine tune a scanning electron microscope sample table through a pre-specified circular or linear path of motion. Results of the study shows that, proposed algorithms were able to minimize the power required to drive the piezoelectric actuated mechanism by a ratio of 97.5 % for all simulated paths of motion when compared to general non-optimized solution.

Keywords: piezoelectric, inverse kinematics optimization, four-bar mechanism, power minimization


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