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[1, 2019] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 70, 1 (2019) 78-81 DOI: 10.2478/jee-2019-0012

Metamagnetism in manganate magnesium ferrite

Jozef Sláma – Jozef Paža – Martin Šoka – Jan Lokaj

   The metamagnetic properties of the manganese magnesium ferrites having the general formula Mn0.7Mg0.3Fe2O4 prepared by the standard ceramic technique have been studied. It is proposed that when a change of temperature at adequate magnetic field is applied in a Mn0.7Mg0.3Fe2O4 a magnetic phase transition will be generated, giving rise to an antiferromagnetic (AFM) state from ferrimagnetic (FM) phase. The critical transition field Hac=300 A/m was estimated for critical magnetization curve of transition from the metamagnetic behavior to FM behavior of sample. The FM to AFM transition in these ferrites is accompanied by a Néel type to Yafet-Kittel type transition and gradual spin ordering changes of the unit cell volume. The application of an external magnetic field to the low-temperatures AFM state causes the sample to reset to the original FM state.

Keywords: metamagnetism, MnMg ferrite, magnetic cloak


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