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[1, 2019] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 70, 1 (2019) 16-24 DOI: 10.2478/jee-2019-0002

A fractional order parallel control structure tuned with meta-heuristic optimization algorithms for enhanced robustness

Vishal Goyal – Puneet Mishra – Aasheesh Shukla – Vinay Kumar Deolia – Aarti Varshney

   This paper studies an improved fractional order parallel control structure (FOPCS) for enhancing the robustness in an industrial control loop having a first order process with dead time along with its tuning aspects. Since inclusion of fractional order calculus also increase the number of parameters to be determined for a particular control loops, tuning becomes an essential task. Four different tuning methods are considered to optimize the gains of parallel control structure (PCS) and FOPCS. Integral of time weighted absolute error for servo and regulatory problems along with overshoot value have been considered for performance evaluation. Extensive simulation studies including change in setpoint and mismatch in process-model parameters have been carried out. On the basis of these studies, it was observed that FOPCS tuned by backtracking search algorithm, outperformed all other controllers in terms of considered performance measures.

Keywords: fractional order calculus, meta-heuristic optimization algorithms, parallel control structure, pid controller, robustness, tuning


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