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[3, 2011] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 62, 3 (2011) 173-180; DOI: 10.2478/v10187-011-0029-8


Alexander Duchač – Marc Noël

   This work is part of the European Clearinghouse on Nuclear Power Plant Operational Experience Feedback (NPP-OEF) activity carried out at the Joint Research Centre/Institute for Energy (JRC/IE) with the participation of ten EU Regulatory Authorities. It investigates the Forsmark-1 event of July 2006, as well as about 120 disturbances in the plant electrical systems that were reported to the Incident Reporting System (IRS) and US Licensee Event Reports (LER) in the period 1985-2008. The aim of the work was to provide important insights from the Forsmark event of July 2006 and illustrate some vulnerabilities of the plant electrical system to over voltage transients. It identified electrical equipment involved, failure modes, contributing factors, actual and potential consequences, and corrective actions. Initiating factors and associated root causes were also analysed. The analysis of International Operation Experience Feedback revealed number of events that involved disturbances in the plant electrical systems, and which may have features in common with the Forsmark-1 event. It underlines the importance of sharing lessons learned from design modifications made at another unit of similar design that if known, it could have identified susceptibility of emergency diesel generators to common mode failure before the event occurred. This paper also summarizes international projects that were initiated by Forsmark event, as well as important lessons that still can be learned from Forsmark event. This paper presents actions taken at nuclear power plants and regulatory authorities in different countries to prevent similar event to occur.

Keywords: Forsmark event, nuclear power plant, disturbances in the plant electrical systems


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