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[3, 2017] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 68, 3 (2017) 200-205 DOI: 10.1515/jee-2017-0029

Analysis and application of two-current-source circuit as a signal conditioner for resistive sensors

Adam Idzkowski – Jerzy Gołębiowski – Wojciech Walendziuk

   The article presents the analysis of metrological properties of a two-current-source supplied circuit. It includes such data as precise and simplified equations for two circuit output voltages in the function of relative resistance increments of sensors. Moreover, graphs showing nonlinearity coefficients of both output voltages for two resistance increments varying widely are presented. Graphs of transfer resistances, depending on relative increments of sensors resistance were also created. The article also contains a description of bridge-based circuit realization with the use of a computer and a data acquisition (DAQ) card. Laboratory measurement of the difference and sum of relative resistance increments of two resistance decade boxes were carried out indirectly with the use of the created measurement system. Measurement errors were calculated and included in the article, as well.

Keywords: error analysis, measurement techniques, sensor systems


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