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[3, 2017] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 68, 3 (2017) 216-219 DOI: 10.1515/jee-2017-0032

Generating an AC amplitude magnetic flux density value up to 150 μT at a frequency up to 100 kHz

Michal Ulvr – Jakub Polonský

   AC magnetic field analyzers with a triaxial coil probe are widely used by health and safety professionals, in manufacturing, and in service industries. For traceable calibration of these analyzers, it is important to be able to generate a stable, homogeneous reference AC magnetic flux density (MFD). In this paper, the generating of AC amplitude MFD value of 150 μT by single-layer Helmholtz type solenoid, described in previous work, was expanded up to a frequency of 100 kHz using the effect of serial resonance. A programmable capacitor array has been developed with a range of adjustable values from 50 pF to 51225 pF. In addition, the multi-layer search coil with a nominal area turns value of 1.3 m2, used for adjusting AC MFD in the solenoid, has been modified by a transimpedance amplifier for use in a wider frequency range than up to 3 kHz. The possibility of using the programmable capacitor array up to 150 kHz has also been tested. An AC amplitude MFD value of 150 μT can be generated with expanded uncertainty better than 0.6 % up to 100 kHz.

Keywords: AC magnetic flux density, serial resonance, Helmholtz coils, search coil, solenoid


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