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[4, 2021] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 72, 4 (2021) 240-248,

Design of dual-band implanted patch antenna system for bio-medical applications

Ahmed Z. A. Zaki – Tamer Gaber Abouelnaga – Ehab K. I. Hamad – Hala A. Elsadek

   In this paper, a miniaturized implantable antenna system for biomedical applications is presented. The system consists of almost two similar patch antennas, named internal and external. The internal antenna is implanted inside the body at a depth of 2 mm, and the external antenna is to be attached to the body aligned with the internal one. The antenna system consists of implant-side antenna with dimensions are 10.25×10.25×1.27 mm3, while the external antenna dimensions are 11.1×11.1×1.27 mm3. The proposed antennas designs showed dual resonant frequency on ISM bands (ie, 915 MHz and 2450 MHz). The computed -10 dB bandwidth considering three-layer human phantom demon-strates that a bandwidth of 870 to 970 MHz and 2.38 to 2.47 GHz for internal and external antennas are achieved. The Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) has been considered for health care consideration. The measured and simulated scattering parameters are compared, and good agreements are achieved. The proposed antenna system is simulated and investigated for biomedical applications suitability.

Keywords: antennas for biomedical applications, implanted antenna, medical implant communication service band (MICS), medical monitoring


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