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[5, 2010] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 61, 5 (2010) 264-270


Pavol Butvin – Beata Butvinová – Peter Švec – Jozef Sitek

   Nanocrystalline soft-magnetic ribbons promised a wide-spread practical use when introduced at the beginning of nineties. After 20 years of extensive research there are still unclear material problems which are thought to be the principal reason why these materials show but marginal use. Poorly controllable magnetic anisotropy due to spontaneous intrinsic macroscopic stress that comes from an inevitable heterogeneity of the ribbon materials is pointed to in this work. Certain stress-based mechanisms are shown to induce the unintended anisotropy in the already familiar Finemets as well as in the newer Hitperms. Hysteresis loops, domain structure and power loss is used to reveal the anisotropy consequences and particular connected but still unanswered questions are pinpointed.

Keywords: soft-magnetic materials, nanocrystalline ribbons, magnetic anisotropy, hysteresis loop, power loss


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