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[5, 2010] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 61, 5 (2010) 287-290


Zdenko Zápražný – Dušan Korytár – František Dubecký – Vladimír Áč – Zbigniew Stachura – Janusz Lekki – Jakub Bielicky – Ján Mudroň

   In this paper we present the current work and experience with using microfocus x-ray generator and commercial CCD camera for x- ray imaging purpose. There is a need in laboratories for the development of imaging methods approaching synchrotron radiation sources, where the brilliance of radiation is on very high-level. Generally, there is no continuous access to synchrotron facilities. Several synchrotron radiation laboratories allocate the access via a proposal system. Thus the time for synchrotron radiation experiments seldom exceeds more than 1-2 weeks per year, which restricts its application to a few selected experiments. Even in future, the routine characterization of samples will be performed mainly at the experimenter’s home laboratories [10]. In this contribution we show that with the present set-up it is possible to achieve the spatial resolution down to 3 μm and with the appropriate geometry a phase contrast images are observable.

Keywords: x-ray imaging, x-ray imaging system, parameters of the x-ray imaging system


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