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[5, 2020] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 71, 5 (2020) 340-346 10.2478/jee-2020-0046

Performance analysis of optical fiber surface plasmon resonance sensor in single-mode operation region

Wael F. Abu Shehab

   A new approach for studying the performance of singlemode optical fiber surface plasmon resonance sensor for refractive index sensing is presented. Intensity interrogation technique is used to observe and examine the effect of changing the value of the operating wavelength, within the single-mode operation region, on sensor performance. Effect of changing metal thickness, which is a critical parameter of the sensor structure, is also investigated. The results show that the selected operating wavelength within the mentioned region plays a very important role and has a significant impact on the sensor sensitivity. As the operating wavelength increases beyond the cut-off wavelength, above which the first higher-order mode disappears, the sensitivity increases while the refractive index range, for which the sensitivity is above its half maximum value, becomes narrower. In the proposed sensor structure, for a metal thickness of 25 nm, the maximum sensitivity reaches 2554 RIU-1 for analyte refractive index of 1.439 at a wavelength of 1500 nm. This sensitivity corresponds to a resolution of orde 10-6 RIU by assuming 1 % minimum reflectivity variation. The operating wavelength should be carefully selected and changed according to the refractive index values intended to be measured to ensure high sensor sensitivity at these values. The analysis provided in this paper enables to select and change the desired range of the sensed refractive index using low cost technique by just changing the operating wavelength in the single-mode operation region.

Keywords: surface plasmon resonance SPR, sensor, intensity interrogation, optical fiber, refractive index


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