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[7s, 2010] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 61, 7s (2010) 96-99


Oleksandr Stupakov

   Six different grades of industrial non-oriented steels were measured by a standard single sheet tester and by its modified version with a gap in the middle of the magnetizing coil. A vertical array of three Hall sensors was placed inside this gap to measure the sample tangential surface field profile. The sample sub-surface field was determined by a linear extrapolation of this measured field profile to the sample face. The present work demonstrated that the method of direct field determination expectedly provides more stable and repeatable results with respect to the magnetizing conditions, which gives new opportunities for practical application of the magnetic testing methods. The direct field data also showed excellent correlation with the standard single sheet tester values. This work presented the first results of the on-going project: as the first step, the measurements were done with the maximum induction amplitude of 1.25 T without the sine-wave induction control.

Keywords: direct field measurement, magnetic hysteresis, single sheet tester


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