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[7s, 2010] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 61, 7s (2010) 141-143


Petr Nováček – Pavel Ripka – Ondrej Pribula – Jan Fischer

   Metal detectors are widely used to detect Explosive Remnants of War such as landmines and Unexploded Ordnance. Almost all professional detectors are based on the eddy current principle. Currently count of false alarms rises up to 99.9% of total alarms count. Discrimination ability added to professional mine detector is therefore highly required by demining community. We show two complementary methods: using vertical signal profile and horizontal spatial maps. This is achieved by adding vertical distance sensor and inertial positioning unit to the search head. Image processing methods can be used to differentiate between metal ballast and dangerous objects. In this paper we show first steps in the development of the fully autonomous 3-D positioning unit for eddy current imaging.

Keywords: metal detection, mine detector, discrimination, signal height profile, eddy-current


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