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[7s, 2015] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 66, 7s (2015) 5-9


Roland Grossinger – Stephan Sorta – Martin Kriegisch – Philipp Dessovic – Peter Mohn

   New magnetoelastic results performed with standard measuring methods (strain gauge, capacitance dilatometer) are presented. Dynamic measurements of the magnetostriction on undeformed and deformed Ni demonstrates the effect of stress on the magnetostriction. The shape of the λ(H) curve change with the frequency of the applied field, indicating the effect of eddy currents. The frequency dependence of the hysteresis losses can be correlated with that of the magnetoelastic losses. Sensitive capacitance dilatometer experiments are used to measure magnetoelastic "de Haas van Alphen" oscillations on polycrystalline Al. This type of experiments shows the coupling of the responsible electrons on the lattice. Thus the determined resonance frequencies correspond to extreme orbits of the electrons on the Fermi surface. The values determined by the magnetoelastic experiment agree well with theoretical data and also with classical "de Haas van Alphen" oscillations performed on Al as well as on a single crystal of PtSn4.

Keywords: magnetostriction, magnetoelastic losses, magnetoelastic de Haas van Alphen oscillations


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