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[03-04, 2000] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 51, 03-04 (2000) 81-88


Rudlof Zetík

   In the field of quadratic TFRs, the Cohen class of TFRs has got a very important position. It follows from the fact that a number of quadratic TFRs can be obtained by suitable selection of the Cohen TFR kernel. The TFRs are defined using corresponding variables, such as as window functions in spectrograms described in a time or frequency domain. Distributions described by variables defined in the frequency domain are usually known as dual versions to distributions originally described by variables described in the time domain. In this paper, a dual version to the modified pseudo-Wigner distribution will be introduced. Based on the synthetic multicomponent signal and measured EKG signal analysis, it will be shown that the dual modified pseudo-Wigner distribution can provide a good time-frequency resolution and good cross-terms reduction.

Keywords: Cohen class of TFRs, Wigner distribution, spectrogram, modified pseudo-Wigner distribution


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