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[2, 2017] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 68, 2 (2017) 132-137 DOI: 10.1515/jee-2017-0018

Simulation of cooling efficiency via miniaturised channels in multilayer LTCC for power electronics

Alena Pietrikova – Tomas Girasek – Peter Lukacs – Tilo Welker – Jens Müller

   "The aim of this paper is detailed investigation of thermal resistance, flow analysis and distribution of coolant as well as thermal distribution inside multilayer LTCC substrates with embedded channels for power electronic devices by simulation software. For this reason four various structures of internal channels in the multilayer LTCC substrates were designed and simulated. The impact of the volume flow, structures of channels, and power loss of chip was simulated, calculated and analyzed by using the simulation software Mentor Graphics FloEFDTM. The structure, size and location of channels have the significant impact on thermal resistance, pressure of coolant as well as the effectivity of cooling power components (chips) that can be placed on the top of LTCC substrate. The main contribution of this paper is thermal analyze, optimization and impact of 4 various cooling channels embedded in LTCC multilayer structure. Paper investigate, the effect of volume flow in cooling channels for achieving the least thermal resistance of LTCC substrate that is loaded by power thermal chips. Paper shows on the impact of the first chips’ thermal load on the second chip as well as. This possible new technology could ensure in the case of practical realization effective cooling and increasing reliability of high power modules. "

Keywords: thermal simulation, thermal resistance, LTCC, cooling channels


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