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[5, 2020] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 71, 5 (2020) 326-332 10.2478/jee-2020-0044

Signal periodicity detection using Ramanujan subspace projection

Deepa Abraham – Manju Manuel

   Signal periodic decomposition and periodic estimation are two crucial problems in the signal processing domain. Due to its significance, the applications have been extended to fields like periodic sequence analysis of biomolecules, stock market predictions, speech signal processing, and musical pitch analysis. The recently proposed Ramanujan sums (RS) based transforms are very useful in analysing the periodicity of signals. This paper proposes a method for periodicity detection of signals with multiple periods based on autocorrelation and Ramanujan subspace projection with low computational complexity. The proposed method is compared with other signal periodicity detection methods and the results show that the proposed method detects the signal period correctly in less time.

Keywords: Ramanujan sums, subspace decomposition, periodicity detection, autocorrelation


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