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[6, 2019] 

Journal of Electrical Engineering, Vol 70, 6 (2019) 429-442 DOI: 10.2478/jee-2019-0076

Banks of filters for implementation of DMWT of an image

Ondrej Kováč – Ján Mihalík

   We describee some possible options for implementation of the Discrete multiwavelet transform (DMWT) of an image by using filter banks. DMWT can be implemented by two channel bank of vector filters which are made by cross-connected scalar filters. The properties of DGHM, CL, BiHermite and SA4 multiwavelets are here analyzed, and compression analysis for output normalization of DMWT is performed. A procedure is design of equivalent replacing of 2 channel multifilters bank by 4 channel bank of single scalar filters. Finally, we deal with a possible reduction and combinations of subbands and suggest their use.

Keywords: multiwavelet, bank of filter, multifilter, DGHM, SA4, CL


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